Trust, integrity, and transparency are our highest values.

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About Fundvestors

Fundvestors is a company that invests in hotels, multifamily, and disruptive opportunities that offer outstanding returns. The company’s executives are leaders in their respective industries.

Fundvestors is driven by an engaged mission of capital protection, charge effectiveness, and predictable development of celebrated portfolios for its financial backers.

Trust, honesty, and straightforwardness are our most noteworthy qualities. Fundvestors is of the firm belief that people are its most valuable asset. We are committed to making an investment in our employees through the establishment of long-term relationships, consistent training through mastermind seminars, and attendance at conferences and courses.

Our Investment Thesis

Capital Protection

Your capital security is our primary concern. We acquire cash-flowing assets with strong financial performance and the potential to create cumulative asset appreciation through our innovative business strategies and invest in the development of established franchise hotels.

Consistent Growth

We and Wealth Hospitality, our strategic partner, have more than 20 years of experience putting business plans for developing and operating commercial real estate assets into action. These plans are driven by dedicated individuals and are supported by extensive underwriting data, ensuring outstanding performance and anticipated returns.

Tax Efficiency

You can benefit from a variety of tax-saving strategies by investing with us, such as bonus depreciation with an acceleration of cost segregation and pass-through losses.

Glorified Portfolio

We and Wealth Hospitality, our strategic partner, have extensive experience building luxury franchise hotels from the ground up and repositioning distressed assets into income-producing new lifestyle properties where tenants can live, work, and have fun all in one place.


Committed for outstanding performance and anticipated returns.

Our marketable strategy is repositioning troubled resources into pay creating new way of life properties where occupants can encounter life, work, and diversion in one convenience.

We Follow Best Practices

We are committed to investing in our people by establishing long-term relationships, providing consistent education through mastermind seminars, professional courses, and conferences, and strongly believing that people are our greatest asset.

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Our Latest Works

Reflections at Valley Ranch

212 Units 8801 Rodeo Dr. Irving, TX.

University Gardens 104 Units

104 Units 100 Northgate Dr. Waxahachie, TX.

Meadow Ridge

3101 W. Normandale St. Fort Worth, TX.

Jupiter place apartment

200 S Jupiter Rd, Garland, TX 75042, United States

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